Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ryan Dempster's Battle Off the Field

Yes, there are things more important in life than baseball...

On April 1, Ryan Dempster's wife Jennifer gave birth to a daughter, Riley. Doctors soon notified the Dempsters that Riley suffers from a rare disease, DiGeorge syndrome, which prevents her from swallowing and digesting food. Dempster asked the papers to keep Riley's condition private, and they respected his wishes. Today for the first time he spoke publicly about it in an interview in the Chicago Tribune. You can read the article here. It's amazing that he had kept things together on the field so well as he deals with such a heavy burden. He says in the article that he saw her only five days in the first month of her life.

I've really come to appreciate Ryan Dempster the past few season for what he does both on and off the field. Today's news raises my appreciation of him even higher.

Please keep Riley and the entire Dempster family in your prayers.

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