Friday, June 5, 2009

Upper Upper Deck Deck Series One Series Two

I don't know what to think about this. I recently got the Upper Deck Series 2 Cubs team set. The set contains a second card for a whopping SEVEN players. I've never seen anything like this before. Last year, two players got a second card and in 2007 one player was repeated. But seven, wow!!

Some of the cards even have pictures that look nearly identical. What is up with that? If you are going to make a second card, at least make it look different.

Here are the seven players. The series one card is on the left, series two on the right.

Ryan Dempster, two from Wrigley Field, once in the game and once in the bullpen

Kosuke Fukudome, on the road and in the home pinstripes

Rich Harden, same road stadium, in the stretch and making the pitch. These look way too similar for me.

Ted Lilly, making the pitch from two different angles, yet the cards look pretty similiar.

Alfonso Soriano, taking a swing at spring training at Mesa and at Wrigley.

Ryan Theriot, two shots of the same slide. Why bother with a second card that looks almost exactly like the first!

Carlos Zambrano, pitching in Mesa and batting at Wrigley. At least these two look pretty different.

So help me out here, why would Upper Deck do this?


  1. I think they are getting lazy, same thing with the Padres, why make cards of guys who already have 2500 cards. let's make cards of guys who dont already have cards.

  2. That is rather lazy for sure - and another reason why I didn't bother collecting that set this year.

  3. That's what happens when you try to do a 1,000-card set.

    Apparently, Upper Deck hasn't heard the saying, "quality over quantity" before.

  4. I'll add this to the growing list of reasons as to why I seem to spend the majority of my card budget on vintage lately...

  5. We decided to collect the Upper Deck base series back in Spring Training, and this makes me seriously regret that decision. How could anyone at Upper Deck have thought this was a good idea?