Thursday, June 11, 2009

Upper Deck Series Two Cubs

There are 17 Cubs cards in Upper Deck series 2. I already posted about the duplicate card problem with the set. But I'd still like to show off all the cards. Because there are so many, I'll split this into two posts.

Team Checklist Kevin Gregg. I thought the checklists were reserved for the team's superstars. In series one, Soriano was on the checklist. So why Kevin Gregg? This guy has not exactly been a lights out closer this season. Could we have Kerry Wood back, please?

#564 - Milton Bradley I actually like the intensity he brings. But he sure hasn't been producing like we expected. I hope this doesn't turn into another Jacque Jones, where we overpay for an outfielder just as he passes his prime.

#569 - Neal Cotts This bum was shipped to Iowa and hopefully never returns. Good riddance!

#578 - Ryan Dempster Dempster continues to be a solid starter. I never dreamed he would do so well in this role, after the years in the bullpen. But he really worked himself into starter condition and is doing great. Good for you, Ryan!

#565 - Mike Fontenot He has struggled at the plate this year and is now our regular third baseman until Ramirez comes back off the DL. Hopefully the consistent playing time will help him get his swing back.

#570 Kosuke Fukudome Kosuke has settled in nicely as a centerfielder. I'm concerned about his average, which just like last season, started out great, and then trickled down the rest of the season.

#573 - Chad Gaudin He didn't even make the team out of spring training, getting released on April 5. He's with the Padres now and not exactly tearing it up there, either. He did start once against the Cubs and gave up four runs in four innings.

#574 - Rich Harden He made his first trip to the DL, but up to that point had been pitching well. Just keep your fingers crossed that he can stay healthy the rest of the season.

#566 - Micah Hoffpauir If only the Cubs were in the American League. Hoffpauir would be the perfect DH. Good stick, no glove. Every time he plays in the outfield, you just pray the ball never comes his way.

Tomorrow I'll have the other eight cards from series 2.


  1. As I'm reading your post the Astros and Cubs are tied 1-1 in the 13th.

  2. And of course the Cubs blew it in the bottom of the 13th!

  3. Upper Deck has a great set of cards this year, but you are right on the money about having Gregg on the checklist. There are ten other players more valuable than him. Just another questionable move by Hendry this offseason.

  4. I'd take Hoffpauir over Soriano in the OF any day. That one handed hop thing he does drives me nuts!