Friday, June 12, 2009

Upper Deck Series Two Cubs II

...part two of the Upper Deck Series 2 Cubs

#571 - Reed Johnson I really like Reed Johnson. He plays hard and seems to do the little things right. Plus, he wears stirrups!

#575 - Ted Lilly Ted's having another good year for the Cubs. It's nice to have a decent lefty in the rotation.

#572 - Carlos Marmol When he is good, he is very, very good. But when he isn't, look out. He will never be the Cubs closer unless he can find some consistency. I hope he finds it soon.

#567 - Sean Marshall It looks like Marshall will be our lefty out of the bullpen. With Cotts gone, we need Sean to give the Cubs a decent LOOGY.

#568 - Alfonso Soriano The good news: 14 home runs. The bad news: 27 RBI's (although as a leadoff man, I guess he doesn't have as many RBI opportunities) and a .237 average. You've got to pick things up, Mr. $17 Million.

#970 - Geovany Soto Rookie of the Year I only have two sad words for Soto: Sophomore Jinx. (Please figure things out now, Geo!)

#577 - Ryan Theriot Decent hitting, but a liability in the field. This is one position where I'd like to see an upgrade.

#576 - Carlos Zambrano One trip to the DL and one trip to the suspended list already. I'm still waing for Zambrano to have that break out, dominating starter season. If you'd like to do it this year, Carlos, by all means be my guest. His start against the Astros on Wednesday was a good start.

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