Monday, June 22, 2009

Topps Series 2 Cubs Team Set

The 2009 Topps Series Two Cubs recently arrived. There were 9 Cubs cards in the second series, making a total of 19 Cubs from Topps this year.

Usually I show the cards by number or in alphabetical order, but today I'm going in order of performance this season (according to my very subjective opinion).

Ted Lilly Ted has been fantastic this season. In fact, Ted has been great the entire time he has been with the Cubs (less the NLDS game against the Diamondbacks in 2007).

Aramis Ramirez He was having his usual huge season when he dislocated his shoulder. The Cubs were three over .500 when he got hurt and three under since the injury. We need him back ASAP!

Lou Piniella Lou has somehow managed to keep the team close to the top despite a huge drop off in run production.

Alfonso Soriano He is hitting home runs, but not getting on base or driving in runs. Someone asked him how many times he struck out chasing bad pitches today and Alfonso gave his answer in sign language.

Ryan Theriot The Riot is hitting ok, but I hold my breath every time a ball is hit to short. I'm just not convinced that he has the glove needed at shortstop.

Mike Fontenot The other half of the LSU duo has been playing third in place of Aramis Ramirez.

I knew Aramis Ramirez. Aramis Ramirez was a friend of mine. Mr. Fontenot, you are no Aramis Ramirez (with apologies to Lloyd Bentsen).

Milton Bradley We get better play and more fun from one of his board games that from the man. I'm afraid this signing is another one that seemed ok in the offseason but turned out to be a bust.

David Patton A Rule 5 draftee who would go back to the Rockies if the Cubs want to remove him from the 25 man roster. He's only been in 15 games and has an ERA over 5. I say "Colorado, here we come!"

Aaron Heilman Maybe the Rockies would take him too, because I don't want him, his 2-3 record, and his 4.34 ERA with the Cubs anymore.

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  1. Not the best pose for Lou. Then again, considering some of the other ones it could have been, guess its ok.