Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OPC Update Set

I haven't heard any rumblings about an OPC update set. With all the litigation, I would doubt very much that there will be anything more. The base Cubs set was missing some players who have made decent contributions to the team, so with the magic of photoshop, I added them to the OPC roster. Take a look...

Mike Fontenot, while his batting average is down, he did a decent job filling in for Aramis Ramirez at third base. Now that he is back at second, I hope he can get back to hitting.

Jake Fox, recently called up again from Iowa after hitting over .400, he has shown some decent pop with his bat. The problem is his defense. He played some third when Ramirez was hurt, but first base is his best position and that is filled. He is a real liability in the outfield. And now with Soto out for a month, he will be doing some catching. He'll make a great DH when we get to the World Series, though.

Angel Guzman has been a nice addition to the bullpen. He's turning into the seventh inning guy and doing a decent job.

Koyie Hill returned to the Cubs this spring and won the backup catcher job. He's no Hank White, but is adequate in his role. Hill is really going to have to pick up his game as he steps in as the everyday catcher until Soto is healthy.

Micah Hoffpauir, see Jake Fox. Decent bat, no glove.

Sean Marshall has moved from the rotation to the pen and has done a great job as our LOOGY (and recently as our left fielder!).

Randy Wells has been a very pleasant suprise since moving into the rotation when Sean Marshall was put in the bullpen. He has pitched in hard luck, not picking up many wins, but with a fantastic ERA of 2.72.

Lou Piniella, this year, the kinder, gentler Lou, although I love the scowl on his face in this picture. I can't fault Lou for the teams decline this year. I put the blame squarely on the offense, or lack thereof.

Hope you liked them. Did I miss anyone?


  1. I like the looks of those. How about using action photos to update the guys with posed photos in the regular set?

    Go Cubs Go!!

  2. I've got something else in mind for the posed cards. Check back tomorrow to see!