Friday, November 13, 2009

1970 Kelloggs 3D Set

I've got complete Cubs team sets from all the years of 21 different brands. A recent project of mine has been to get the entire set of the first issue from each of the 21 brands. Some were pretty easy and cheap to get (like Score). Others, like Heritage 2001, took some time and money. One set, Topps 1951, I'm not even going to attempt unless I win the lottery!

Last week I picked up a classic set, the 1970 Kelloggs 3D set. I paid less than a dollar a card for the 75 card set. While the cards aren't all in mint condition, I'm happy with both the cards and the set.

I remember getting these as a kid, but never dreamed of completing the set. That would be an awful lot of cereal. I would have just been happy to pull a Cub, but it never seemed to work that way.

As I was looking through the set, I was amazed at the number of future Hall of Fame players it contained. There were 21 out of the 75 who would end up in Cooperstown, which works out to 28%. That seem like a pretty high percentage. Two arguable Hall of Famers were also in the set, Pete Rose and Ron Santo.

There were also several players active at the time who would be elected to the Hall of Fame but Kelloggs left them out. Among them are several big names such as Hank Aaron, Fergie Jenkins, Nolan Ryan, Orlando Cepeda, Phil Niekro, Bill Mazeroski, Jim Bunning, Steve Carlton, Carl Yastrzemski, Catfish Hunter, and Hoyt Wilhelm.

Many of the card I had never seen before and maybe you haven't seen them either. So enjoy the 21 superstars:

Tom Seaver

Willie McCovey

Don Sutton

WIllie Mays

Juan Marichal

Frank Robinson

Gaylord Perry

Brooks Robinson

Luis Aparicio

Roberto Clemente

Willie Stargell

Reggie Jackson

Billy Williams

Ernie Banks

Lou Brock

Rod Carew

Al Kaline

Johnny Bench

Harmon Killebrew

Bob Gibson

Joe Morgan


  1. That's a great set. I'm working on 1976 Kellogg's right now, then I'll start on 1970-1972.

  2. Nice set. Are you looking to keep it together or would you be willing to consider trading part of it?

  3. Love the Kellogg's cards. Anything before 1977 is fascinating to me because I didn't start collecting them until then.

  4. Spiff...Sorry, but I'm planning to keep the set together.

  5. Awesome. I just started that set too.

  6. That's odd that Frank Robinson would be listed as a left fielder. He was almost exclusively a right fielder for the Orioles. His last significant playing time in left field was in 1968.

  7. Joe Morgan was very dapper in his youth.

  8. Would anyone be interested in buying a complete 1973 Kelloggs Pro Super Stars set, in uncut sheets, without the 3-D coating? All the sheets should be MT or NM since they were all framed a long time ago.