Monday, November 2, 2009

Peat and Repeat: Studio 1996 and 1997

After getting away from their studio pose roots in 1995, Studio got back to normal in 1996. In fact, as if to atone for their mistake, the 1996 cards featured a studio pose on both the front and back of the card. There was also an action shot on each side of the card. That's alot of pictures on one card!

There were only 150 cards in the set and five of them were Cubs.

In 1997, Studio went back to the more traditional one pose on the front, one action shot on the back format. The number of cards in the set was upped slightly, to 165, but again there were only five Cubs.

The five Cubs were the exact same five as the season before, hence the peat and repeat.

Since the five are repeated, I thought I'd show the cards side by side, 1996 on the left and 1997 on the right.

Mark Grace

Brooks Kieschnick

Brian McRae

Ryne Sandberg

Sammy Sosa

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