Friday, November 20, 2009

2007 Masterpieces: A Couple Small Tweaks

I don't think I've read anything but positive comments about Upper Deck's Masterpieces sets. And you can add me to the list of those who love it. The paintings are awesome, the linen-like look of the cards, the classy gold fonts; everything is done right. This was a must-have for me when I got back into collecting.

But I've found a couple things on the back of a couple cards from the 2007 set that could use a slight tweak.

First, there were two Sandy Koufax cards in the set and one needs a small fix.

This is the back of the first card.

Now compare it to the second card.

Do you see something out of place? Look at the team logo. Why is there a Brooklyn B? Only 62 of Sandy's 397 career games were while the Dodgers were in Brooklyn. I don't think anyone associates Koufax with Brooklyn. And the card was for his retirement, when he was with the LA Dodgers. So allow me fix that little error.

Tweak number two is on the three president cards. Here is the back of JFK's card.

Something is missing....a team logo. On the front of the card, in the spot where the team is listed for the players, it says "US President" on the three president cards. So why not use the president's "team logo," which would be the official seal of the office of the President.

I did. And here it is:

There. Now I feel better. All is right in the Masterpieces world.

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  1. I mentioned that Koufax "B" on my blog in my very early stages of blogging. It bothered me, too. Thanks for the adjustment. Otherwise, it's a fantastic card.