Monday, November 16, 2009

I Thought I Had Them All

When I returned to collecting about two years ago, my first big project was to get all of the Cubs from all of the years in Topps' base and traded sets. Except for the 1952 cards (I settled for reprints) and Ernie Banks' 1954 rookie card (settled for a reprint again) I thought I had them all. By my count there are 1800 cards.

Well, make that 1801. When I read this post, I had a very uneasy feeling. The National League Rookie Stars #576 card had a Cub on it (although I had never heard of Norm Gigon before). The card didn't look familiar at all. I went right to my '60's Cubs binder and checked to see if I had it.

Rats! I didn't! I'm assuming I missed it since it has a National League heading instead of Cubs. But, its got a Cubs player, so I have to have it.

I went straight to Sportlots, figuring I would make a quick purchase and be all set. But no. The card is a high number card, and very few high numbers were available, and none of #576.

Next, it was on to the Becket Marketplace. But the story was the same, none available.

Dean's Cards, California Sportscards, Checkoutmycards, shut out there too.

So, that left Ebay. Some were available, but for a much higher price than I wanted to pay (after all, this is Norm Gigon, not Billy Williams we are talking about). It was going to be a waiting game. It took about two weeks before a card in halfway decent shape at an affordable price was available. But I was able to get it.

The corners are a bit soft, and its a little faded. But I've got the card. And I can again say I've got all of the Topps Cubs....until I find another one that I'm missing!!


  1. That's definitely one of the pitfalls of team collecting. I've run into that many times myself.

  2. Hey, do you have the 1967 Al Spangler card?