Saturday, November 7, 2009

2009 Turkey Red Cubs

The Topps Updates and Highlights had two Cubs in the Turkey Red insert set, bringing the total number of Turkey Red Cubs to seven.

I thought I had shown the first five but a quick search shows that I didn't, so here are all seven of the 2009 Turkey Red Cubs cards

First, #118 Ryan Dempster. It's nice that Topps included Ryan Dempster in the Turkey Red set, Allen and Ginter, Heritage, and Bowman. So please tell me again why he wasn't in the Topps base set?

#40 Kosuke Fukudome

#52 Rich Harden

#133 Rogers Hornsby. This is the first card I have of Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby, who spent four of his 19 seasons with the Cubs. The Cubs won the NL pennant in 1929 and Hornsby won the MVP that season. Later in life Hornsby was a coach in the Cubs system and Billy Williams gives him a lot of credit for his big league success. An oft repeated story also says that at spring training, Hornsby was evaluating a bunch of Cubs prospects. He looked at a 20 year old Ron Santo and said he could hit in the big leagues now. He then looked at a young Billy Williams and said, "You too." Hornsby got it right with them!

#58 Alfonso Soriano

#42 Geovany Soto

#56 Carlos Zambrano - Z is the only Cubs player to be included in each of the Turkey Run sets since Topps began reissuing the brand in 2005. I wonder why Topps left Derrek Lee out of the 2009 set? Otherwise, he too would have been in each set, too.

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