Monday, November 30, 2009

Waxs Packs at the World Headquarters

This is something that turned out better than I had hoped.

Over the summer, I decided to take the empty Topps wax wrappers I had and repack them for display purposes. That was the best way I could come up with to show them off. I then went out and picked up packs from the years I was missing and ended up with one pack from every season from 1969 through 2009. That's 41 years worth of wax to match the 41 years of Topps complete sets I've got.

As part of the renovations at Wrigley Wax World Headquarters, I wanted to set up a wax pack display. My problem was coming up with acceptable shelves. Most of the shelves and shelving systems I found were too wide. I wanted narrow shelves on the walls so it looked like the cards were on the wall, sort of like a poster. I didn't want wide shelves sticking out.

When I couldn't find what I wanted, I decided to go the Do-It-Yourself route. Norm from This Old House would be proud of me.

I took some 4" wide baseboard that was left over from our living room remodeling...

and cut it down the middle. I then nailed the flat top half perpendicular to the bottom half and voila, simple, narrow shelves perfect for wax display.

A little spray paint and then they were ready to go up on the wall. All I had to do was nail them into the studs behind the drywall and I was done.

The top shelf has 1969 - 1982; '83 - '96 are in the middle, and the bottom shelf has 1997 - 2009. I've got room on these for four more years. After that, I've already made up a fourth shelf that will go under #3, good for another 12 years. So I'm covered up to 2025.

Do you think the Cubs will have won a World Series by then?


  1. That's the MVP of pack displays! I sure hope the Cubs win soon, but no one under a hundred has made a dime betting on it so...