Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1968 Cartoon Oddities

Like most cards during the '60's, the back of the 1968 set featured a cartoon. Topps went with a Q and A format in 1968, and the questions were related to the player's team.

It looks like there were two different cartoonists.

There was small-sized letters guy...

and bigger-sized letters guy.

And apparently they didn't talk to one another. Because among the Cubs cards there were two times when they both drew cartoons for the same question.

I wonder how that happened? Did the Topps writers not come up with enough questions?

And then there were a couple other problems.

This one has a mistake, They've got the wrong year. Hack Wilson had 190 RBIs in 1930, not 1950.

And then there was this cartoon on Lou Johnson's card.

The Cubs picked him up in November, 1967 trade with the Dodgers. But Topps forgot to switch the cartoon and we end up with a Dodger cartoon on a Cubs card.

Maybe they were too busy trying to find a better picture to use. It seems that they didn't find a very good one!

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