Friday, May 7, 2010

Desperate Times....

This is what happens when you get swept by the Pirates!

After seemingly righting the ship and winning seven of their last ten to reach the .500 mark, the Cubs got swept by the Pirates. And they looked bad, too; really bad.

Management apparently feels that something has to be done to shake things up, so phenom shortstop Starlin Castro has been called up from AA and will be in the lineup tonight in Cincinnati. Castro looked good in spring training and continued to impress in AA, where he was hitting .376.

Now we see what he can do against the big boys.

UPDATE: Well, a three run home run in your first major league at bat is not a bad start!!
UPDATE #2: Add a three run triple in the 5th. Half way to the cycle!!

Too bad the Cubs don't wear these road jerseys anymore. Then we could have had Castro playing for Cuba!

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