Saturday, May 1, 2010

Andre Dawson Screams, "I'm Falling!"

I was paging through my Score binder and found this in the Score Select set from 1993.

There are 14 Cubs. Of the 14, all but one have a vertical picture. Among them are this card of first round draft pick (and flop) Derek Wallace. Wallace was a pitcher, but they had him do this jump pose.

I'm not sure why you have a pitcher jump, but it's semi-interesting.

But it looks better when you see it along with the only horizontal card of the 14. Andre Dawson goes horizontal, but in the binder, its vertical like the others and looks like this:

It looks like Dawson jumped out of a plane and is falling! Look out below!!

Or maybe the card was symbolic of Dawson bailing out on the Cubs, since he didn't even play with them in 1993. Instead, he went to the Red Sox.

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