Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gas Can Returns

I sure hope Jim Hendry knows what he's doing. Because he brought Bob "Gas Can" Howry back to the Cubs. He returns to the team after spending 2009 in San Francisco and 2010 in Arizona. While with the D-Backs, he allowed 17 runs in 14 innings. They saw fit to release him.

The party line is that the Cubs wanted a veteran presence in the bullpen. I hope that Howry is there for his presence and not his performance because I've got no confidence in him at all. Heck, I had little or no confidence in him during his first go-around with the Cubs in 2006 - 2008. And Howry didn't do anything to restore my confidence in his first Cubs appearance on Sunday. He gave up an RBI double and intentional walk to two of the three hitters he faced.

The only positive I can come up with is that Howry's acquisition gave me another chance to work on a 2010 Topps card. I've come up with at half-way decent way to make the names, and I think it looks ok.

Lou, please keep this veteran glued firmly to the bullpen bench!

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