Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bowman 1955

Two days ago I showed you the Bowman Cubs from 2010. Today, let's go backwards 55 years!

I was looking for another set to add to my collection, and I decided to go with a really old one, 1955 Bowman...the TV set. I have reprints of several of Bowman's older issues, but since I haven't seen a reprint of the '55's, I thought it would be fun to go after the real thing.

This is the first one I picked up, pitcher Jim Brosnan. The card was less that $3.00. My plan is to go slowly, and go after cards by auction only. There are seventeen Cubs in the set, so I've got a bunch more to chase.

The toughest (and most expensive) will be Ernie Banks. But overall, this should be a fun chase.

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  1. I need to do something like this with a 1950s Giants set. The Mays cards will be really expensive, but it would be fun.