Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Assisting with today's post is Topps 1977.

I was watching TV a few nights ago when a commercial for this came on.


Wow, why is there birth control playing for the Red Sox?

I wonder if Yaz can still call himself Yaz, since Yaz is now a trademark of Yaz??

How many other baseball player nicknames did they consider before settling on Yaz?

How about "Boog?"

That would be perfect birth control. Just take one look at Mr. Powell and you are instantly out of the mood; no mood, no pregnancy!


Last season I remembered a lot of Cialis commercials during baseball games on Fox. I wonder if the executives and marketing people at Cialis considered using any baseball player nicknames for their product?

This is too easy!

How about Pudge?

Or maybe Stretch?

They could have gone with Rod.

And of course, there is always Dick Pole

Or if they wanted to be a little more cryptic, how about calling it Wilbur.

Any other suggestions??


  1. Dave Henderson - Hendu
    Dennis Eckersley - Eck
    Evan Longoria - Longo
    Ben Zobrist - Zo

  2. WW,

    Sometime last year I was thinking, "It's too bad that when the current generation hears the word "Yaz", the first thing into their minds will be commercials for birth control, whereas previous generations will be thinking of a great Red Sox star."