Saturday, May 22, 2010

Topps 1964 Giant Set

In 1964 Topps released a 60 card set known as Topps Giant. The cards were postcard sized, 3 1/8" by 5 1/4". They featured a nice photo on the front and a faux newspaper article on the back. I like the newspaper idea, as it offers something different than the usual player stats and bio.

There were three Cubs among the 60 cards. In fact, at the time there were 20 major league teams, so there were three players from every teams, which equals the 60 cards in the set. The three Cubs were Ron Santo, Billy Williams, and Dick Ellsworth. The first two names should not have been a surprise. It's the selection of Ellsworth over Ernie Banks that is the surprise.

Ellsworth was coming off a 22 win season in 1963, which was interesting because the year before he lost 20 games. He would have been the ace of the staff, and Topps may have wanted to feature a pitcher instead of three position players.

I picked up the set of three off of ebay for a mere $2.37 plus shipping. I think a got a great deal. When I pay less than a dollar a card for 46 year old cards, I'm happy!

Here are both the front and the back of the three Cubs. You can click on the pictures to get a larger look at the newspaper articles.

And guess what Topps found newsworthy for Billy Williams? This!!

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