Friday, May 7, 2010

#23 - Art Schult

You would have thought that Topps would have used a picture of Art Schult with his eyes open!

Art Schult came to the Cubs in July of 1959, purchased from the Red Sox. He played in 42 games with the Cubs and hit a respectable .271. But Art made a fatal mistake. He switched uniform numbers.

He wore #43 during the 1959 season, but made the switch in 1960 to #23. It was a switch that would kill his career. He was with the Cubs through May, playing in 12 games. His average? It was a measly .133. Schult spent the rest of the season in AAA, and after the season, he was finished as a professional ballplayer.

The curse of #23 got another. Makes you wonder how Ryne Sandberg ever made it to Cooperstown!

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