Thursday, February 17, 2011

2011 Ernie Banks Variation

I'm not going after all the inserts, but I do want to chase down all of the Cubs base cards. Among the legend variations, there was one Cubs player....

...this one here of Ernie Banks. Topps gives us a good look at Mr. Cub in 1969, taking a swing at Wrigley Field. It's a nice looking card; well done Topps.

Are there Platinum Diamond variations of the Legends? I don't think I've seen any, but it would be nice if there was. Otherwise, this is the only card that doesn't have a twin.

I don't know how much Topps has done this is the past, but the Banks card, #247, is a variation of Starlin Castro's card, also #247. I like the team (and position) symmetry. I looked at last year's cards, and only one of the three Cubs legends has the same number as an actual Cub: #US85 was both Castro and Andre Dawson; same team but not the same position.

I did a quick scan of the 2011 checklist and found a couple other symmetrical legends:
#94: Paul Konerko and Frank Thomas
#100 : Albert Pujols and Stan Musial
#150: Miguel Cabrera and Hank Greenberg
Justin Morneau and Harmon Killebrew
#315 David Ortiz and Jimmie Fox

I'd like Topps to make this rule: If you have a legends variation card, the card's number matches the number of the modern player of the same team and position as the legend.

One other thing about the Ernie Banks card: it is Ernie Banks card #99 in my collection. So I am on the lookout for a really nice card to get me into triple digits. If the price is right, I might go for an autographed card. Stay tuned.


  1. I love the legend variations. They look really nice most of time. This card is pretty cool looking even down to the old fashioned treatment on the Cubs logo.

  2. I like the legend variations as well, I just hope they keep them scarce and as you mentioned try to match them well with the current player.

    The one thing I HATE however is when they do Jimmie Foxx as a Red Sock, instead of an A.