Thursday, February 24, 2011

Problem Solved!

Last year Topps put out fake plastic bat barrel cards and after some debate, I decided to get the Cubs, all five of them.

But when they came, I got to see just how thick the cards were. That led to a storage problem. I like to keep all of my cards in nine pocket sheets but they were too fat to fit. So I ended up keeping them in those clear hinged boxes. They were well protected, but I didn't know where to keep the boxes. They ended up stacked on my desk, but that wouldn't be a permanent solution. I was still looking for something else.

As you may know, I've been adding 1952 Cubs to my collection. The '52 - '56 cards are larger than today's, and they are kept in 8 pocket sheets. Well, a few days ago I was looking at all of my new '52s. New cards in 8 pocket sheets, pockets that are a bit larger than the ones for today's cards. Larger pockets that hold larger cards.

Duh!! Larger pockets that hold larger cards might be large enough to hold the bat cards!

A couple minutes later, my problem was solved! The cards are a bit loose (that's why I didn't use the top row), but unless you swing the album around like a mad man, the cards are not going anywhere. Another bonus, the horizontal design of the bat cards looks perfect in the horizontal pockets. So now all is well in the Wrigley Wax Storage World. All of my Cubs cards from 2010 are now safely in the same album.

Now I'm even thinking about going after the glove cards from this year. There's only one Cubs player....OK...I talked myself into it. Up next on the shopping list is the Starlin Castro glove!

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  1. Nice idea on those bat cards. I haven't picked any Yankees up, but plan to soon.