Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Fixed It...I Didn't Want Topps to be Liars

Matt's left the following comment on yesterday's post:

Topps promised us in the fall that Castro would be an "All Star Rookie."
Where is Starlin's trophy?!

Here is a look at what Topps said back in November:

You can click on the picture to get a better look, but this is what was written on the bottom:

These players will have the “rookie cup” logo appear on their 2011 Topps cards. Congratulations to the winners in a great rookie class!"

Well, we certainly don't want Topps to have the reputation of saying something and then not living up to their words. We expect that all of the companies in the hobby are trustworthy.

Since it must have been an oversight on their part, I decided to bail Topps out. Here is Starlin Castro's 2011 base card, as promised by Topps:

There, are is well with the world now; Topps is a company we can believe!


  1. I think that this year the ASR cards are subsets. So each of the 11 ASR players has a base card and an ASR card. Maybe Castro's ASR card is coming in S2?

  2. I guess that explains why Sanchez, Walker, Strasburg and Stanton all have two cards in S1 (one with trophy, one without). Has Topps ever made a subset of the ASR? Or are they just doubling up on a studly 2010 rookie class?
    Either way, awesome job on the Castro, Wrigley Wax!

  3. Castro has a card in Series 2, as well, so that may be where Topps is planning to honor him with the Cup. Either way, your correct card looks great!

  4. It just seem silly to me that in a set with only 660 cards, Topps would have separate cards for the All Star rookies. But then again, I've never really been able to figure Topps out!

  5. i was just going to post that there are 2 strasburg's in series 1 - so that's your answer... and someone beat me to it...