Monday, February 7, 2011

2011 Topps Cubs!

It's been killing me to see all of the posts of new 2011 stuff. There aren't any Targets within an hour of me and Walmart doesn't have anything new yet. So I had to wait patiently for the mailman to bring me my new Cubs.

The wait is over! There are 11 Cubs in series one and I have them all. I bought a set as a presell weeks ago and had to sit here and wait, until the cards came on Saturday.

Of the eleven, only Tom Gorzelanny and Xavier Nady are not with the team any longer. That's one better than last year. The cards also give a good idea of how the Cubs team has been turning over. Of the eleven from last year's series one cards, only two, Ryan Dempster and Tyler Colvin, have a card in the 2011 series one.

There is also a SP variation card of Ernie Banks in the set, but mine hasn't arrived yet. When it does, Mr. Cub will get his own post.

I like the look of the cards. They'll be a bit tough to make custom cards, but I like a challenge. And the card numbers on the back are nice and big, which will make it easier to collate the complete set.

I have decided to scale back this year, though. Last year I went after almost every single insert. When all was said and done, I had over 100 cards, though only 39 base cards from Series 1, 2 and Updates. This year, I'm only going after the base cards and I'm skipping the inserts completely.

I don't need reprints; I've got the originals. The Diamond Duos seem like diamond duds. The leather things and patch things, well I'm tired of fake stuff after last year's hat logos and bat barrels. So its just the base for me.... these! I like the look of the diamond cards, and I don't think its a gimmick that Topps will repeat again. So I thought I would go after all of the Cubs. It took about six different sellers, but I've nabbed them all. They should start arriving soon. You'll get a look when I've got all 11 in hand.

Until they get here, enjoy the base Cubs from Topps 2011 Series One


  1. Topps makes some nice cards of Starlin Castro.

  2. Topps promised us in the fall that Castro would be an "All Star Rookie."
    Where is Starlin's trophy?!

  3. Looks like I've got my first custom card job for the 2011 set!