Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Cubs and Shea, Even Worse

About a month ago I was bemoaning the fact that so many of the Cubs pictures on 1970 cards were taken at Shea Stadium.

In 1971, it got worse. It got a lot worse!! The set has cards of 27 Cubs. Of those, 25 are from Shea! Ouch, that hurts!

Here are the only two non-Shea cards.

Hatless Hector Torres, who came to the Cubs during the offseason; hence the hatless card and no Shea.

and Ironman Billy Williams. Billy's card looks to be from Candlestick Park. I wonder why they missed him at Shea? It's not like he was ever injured or took a day off.

Here are all 25 of the Shea cards, starting with the "Show me your batting stance" pose.

These guys were told to put their bat on their shoulder (and Ernie Banks was told to try to catch some flies!)

The pitchers got to either begin their wind up....

....finish the pitch...

...or just hold their glove.

Somehow, these two were told to just stand there

Leo is just standing there too, but his card is from a 1967 photo shoot

....and Hoyt Wilhelm was 47 years old and he got to do whatever the heck he wanted!


  1. Not sure what it is but Holtzman looks awful.

  2. I didn't include the rookie cards for two reasons:
    1)Most of those have spring training shots because the players didn't make it to the majors yet
    2)They were often cropped so tightly you couldn't tell much at all about the stadium.

    But, I can tell that from the five Cubs rookies, it looks like one, Adrian Garrett, was at Shea.

  3. Wow, Miller's picture would have to have been taken on one of the last four days of the season!

  4. "Wow, Miller's picture would have to have been taken on one of the last four days of the season!"

    Wilhelm's too, as he joined the Cubs on September 21, and was with the team for their last 10 games of the year, including the last four at Shea.

  5. That is pretty interesting, cool post!