Saturday, February 26, 2011

T206 Cubs: Two More

Here is a look at two more Cubs from the T206 set.

Carl Lundgren pitched for the Cubs from 1902-1909. He had an unusual nickname, The Human Icicle, because he was especially good in cold weather. His best season was 1907, when he was 18-7. But after that, he fell to 6-9 the next season, and pitched in only two games in 1909. He later coached at two Big Ten schools, Michigan and Illinois.

Pat Moran was with the Cubs from 1906 - 1909, mostly as a backup catcher. He would go on to manage the Phillies and Reds for 9 seasons. His best was in Cincinnati in 1919, when his Reds beat the White Sox in the World Series. That may need an asterisk, since that was the Black Sox series.

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  1. So I'm reading this the day before the Cub's 2016 home opener. We need Carl Lundgren!