Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ryno's Auto

This card is the first autographed card I ever got. It was given to me several years ago by a teaching colleague of mine when she retired. For years, her husband and son went to Arizona to see spring training. They got Ryno to sign the card in Mesa. There is on card sticker here, but no authentication either. But I don't care; I know the signature is real.

Go to spring training is a dream vacation for me. Unfortunately, my school always takes the first week in April for spring break, which falls after spring training. And since I'm both principal and a part-time classroom teacher, I can't just take a week off in March to head to Mesa. So for now, Arizona is just a dream.

Have any of you attended spring training? Is it worth seeing, or should I just keep dreaming about it?


  1. I'm spoiled because I live here but yah I can see how it would make for a great vacation.


  2. I went in 2005. For the experience alone, I would say it is worth it. It remains one of my most relaxing and fun vacations. I didn't even try for any autographs either.