Saturday, March 25, 2023

Sixties Saturday - 1969 Jewel Food

 Today's set is my last of the 1960's and it is one of my favorites from the decade, the Jewel Food photos.  

Chicago was all abuzz with the early season success of the Cubs and Jewel was one of the many businesses to hop on the band wagon.  Twenty different photos were available, given out four per week over five weeks.  Weekly newspaper ads showed the players from that week along with the purchase necessary to get the photo.

This is the ad from the first week, August 4.

The photos themselves were full color with a facsimile signature and measured 6" x 9".  All of the main players, including a couple that were picked up during the season, are in the set.  In fact, the photo of Dick Selma is the only item I'm aware of that shows him as a Cub.











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  1. Great team, but not much depth. They wore down because Durocher wouldn't rest his starters much. 4 Hall of famers and no pennant. Sad, but I think we loved them more that some cities loved their world series winning teams. I wonder if Lou Brock could have helped them over the hump, had they kept him? Letting Joe Neikro, Oscar Gamble and Bill Stoneman go for nothing hurt, as well. They never could draft worth a crap and that really hurt them. My kingdom for a center fielder.