Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Found Another On the Most Wanted List

 My most wanted list has had another card removed!

This is the Clarence Maddern's card from TCMA's 1985 imaginary 1949 Play Ball set.  The picture is of Maddern at Wrigley Field.  My understanding is that TCMA picked some of the lesser-type players for this set and it was intended to be used to get autographs.  As you can see, my card is signed.

This is the first card I've ever seen listed on eBay of any of the six Cubs in the 1948 and 1949 sets.  It was listed as an auction which made me a little nervous.  Were there other collectors also looking for these hard-to-find oddballs?

Luckily for me the answer was no.  There was just one other bidder and I won the card for $9.50.  Any time I can knock a most wanted off the list for less than ten bucks I consider that a win.  Plus, who wouldn't want an autographed card of the immortal Clarence Maddern?

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