Monday, March 20, 2023

The 2023 Topps Pack for the Wall

 It took a while, but I finally have a pack of 2023 Topps for my display wall.

Packs were a real pain for me to find this year.   A week after Series One was released, the local Walmart and Meijer had nothing.  Mrs. WW and I decided to take a trip to South Bend and try our luck at Target.  

We choose South Bend so we could make it a combination lunch at our favorite pizza place and a look for cards adventure.  We stopped at a Target on the way and found nothing.  After pizza we hit up two more Targets and a Meijer as well.  All three were a waste of time as they too had nothing,

When we got home I decided I'd have to go the online route.  The best option I could find was ordering from Fanatics.  I had a free shipping code, so that would help, too.  This would be my first direct purchase from them since they bought Topps.

I had to get a box of seven packs.  The price was the same as on the Topps site, but the free shipping from Fanatics saved me quite a bit compared to what Topps charged.  I was disappointed at checkout to see that Fanatics was charging me a $1.99 handling fee.  I guess shipping wasn't completely free.

The box arrived two weeks after the order was placed.  That was a bit disappointing too.  I was hoping for a quicker ship time.

Once the box came, I grabbed a pack and added it to my shelf.  I am now officially out of room and will need to add a fourth shelf for the 2024 pack.

Below is a GIF showing how the wall has progressed over the years.  I have pictures from 2009 and then from 2012 to the present.


  1. Are those all unopened packs? That's amazing!

    1. I can’t afford unopened packs from the first eight years (1969-1976), so I made those. I bought a wrapper, put cards from the correct year inside, and used an iron to reseal it. The rest are all the real deal.