Thursday, May 25, 2023

All of My Non-Rule Following Autographs

 I've written many times about my rule-following autograph collection.  But those are not the only signed cards that I've got.   My autograph binder includes another 46 players.

It's an eclectic group.  Many are from the 1969 and 1984 teams.  I have signed baseballs from the 11 main players from each of these teams, but it turns out that I've got signed cards from most of them too.  I also have autographs from favorite players, famous but forgotten ones, and others for reasons I can' recall!

Ernie BanksGlenn BeckertShawn BoskieEd Bouchee
Bill BucknerPhil Cavarretta            Ron CeyJim Cosman
Doug Daszenzo               Jody DavisBob DernierLeon Durnam
Leo DurocherJim FreyBill HandsWillie Hernandez
Jim HickmanKen HoltzmanBurt HootonPat Hughes
Randy HundleyFergie JenkinsClarence Jones       Don Kessinger
Dave KingmanBill MadlockGary MatthewsBuck O'Neil
Rafael PalmeiroMilt PappasJoe PepitonePaul Popvich
Phil ReganPaul ReuschelRick ReuschelRon Santo
Hank SauerLee SmithSteve StoneRick Sutcliffe
Bruce SutterAndy ThorntonManny TrilloSteve Trout
Billy WilliamsKerry Wood


  1. Love that Boskie. I collect that particular series of signed testimonial cards.

    1. I got Boskie's card because of the Bible reference.

  2. That Hughes auto is really, really cool. Didn't know he had a pack pulled certified autograph out there. Looks like I need to hunt one down for my SJSU collection.

  3. Did you keep these separate from the others?