Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2006 Cubs Factory Team Sets

Today I'll give you a look at Topps' first factory team sets, from 2006. As a kid, I would have loved to have this available. It seemed like I could never pull any good Cubs from wax packs. I would have triples of Paul Popovich, but no Billy Williams cards. Factory team sets would have solved that problem for me and given me all of the good guys.

Topps' first release had 14 cards per team. Of the 14 Cubs, six were from series one, seven from series two, and one player was in the updates set.

Two of the players, Jacque Jones and Juan Pierre, were picked up by the Cubs during the off-season.
The good news is that the factory set was more updated than series one of the base set. The bad news was that in order to be more current, they had to photoshop. So we get two photoshopped cards, while the cards in series two used spring training photos.

Jones' card looks like they used a shot of him in his Twins road uniform.

Here is the other photoshopped card, Juan Pierre, with his high stirrups and baggy pants.

Ronny Cedeno is the player who was featured in the factory set and the updates set. The card in the factory set used a posed shot, taken during his time with the team in 2005. It looks like a card from the '60's or 70's.

The rest of the cards look identical to the ones in the base set. Take a look:

This shot of Michael Barrett was taken when the Cubs played at Yankee Stadium, June 17-19, 2005.

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