Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Custom Card Help Needed

Like many of you, I enjoy making custom cards using Topps' original designs.

Here are a few I've made in the past.

For the most part, Topps has used some fairly standard fonts. But not this year. I'm having two different problems with the font. First, I can't find a similar font to use. Have any of you figured it out?

The second problem is the silver outline (which looks black on this scan) that is around the names. Even if I knew the font, I'm not sure how to add the outline. Anyone have any ideas on that?

And the Topps website was no help. Sometimes you can use their "Make Your Own Card" site to get the fonts. But for the 2010 design, you don't get to make a name that matches the design of the original design.

So right now, I'm stumped. Anyone have any advice? thoughts? help? Or, like a good Cubs fan, should I just wait until next year?

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