Thursday, April 8, 2010

About the Game Last Night...

Well, the game didn't turn out the way I had hoped, but then, I'm a Cub fan. I'm used to games not turning out the way I hoped!

There were certainly some positives to talk about.

First and foremost, WW Jr, (Sean) was able to get Sean Marshall's autograph. We got to the game as soon as the gates opened, and our seats were in a section that was behind the Cubs dugout. So Sean just got himself in line along the wall and waited. Marshall came by, Sean stuck out his hat, and bingo, he's got an autograph! He was very excited.

Another positive was seeing some baseball history. Because we got to the game early, we were able to check out the base paths of old Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium.

The Braves have the old infield and warning track done in brick pavers,while the rest of the lot was asphalt. This picture was taken at home plate.

Then we headed to the outfield for a look at the spot of Hank Aaron's #715. It was cool to be standing at the sight of baseball history, even if it's now in the middle of a parking lot,

The number of Cubs fans at the game was also a good thing. I would say the park was at least one-third Cubs fans. It's always nice to see all that blue in someone else's park.

As for the game itself, the highlight would have to be the pitching of Ryan Dempster. He went six strong innings and struck out nine, while allowing only one run. Forget Zambrano, right now the ace of the staff is Ryan Dempster.

Our new friend Sean Marshall also pitched an inning and struck out two of the three hitters he faced. He has looked really good in his two outings this season.

Now, the negatives. Obviously, the way the game turned out, with John Grabow giving up a two run homer to Chipper Jones in the bottom of the eighth was the biggest.

The other big negative was getting out of the parking lot, The game ended at 10:00. We drove out of the lot at 11:00. And most of that hour was spent standing still in a line of cars. I even turned our car off for about 20 minutes. At Wrigley, you don't have parking lots to worry about. You just wait in line for the El. That hour wait, after a tough loss, was not a happy time!

We've got one more day here in Atlanta before driving back to Michigan Friday. It would be nice if the Cubs could leave town with a win.

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