Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Same Error in the '76 Set

A few days ago I was looking through the '76 set to find some cards for yesterday's post. As soon as I saw the little player drawings on the front, I knew Topps made the same lack-of-lefty-respect mistake that they made in 1973.

Like the '73 set, the '76 set has both left and right handed pitchers drawn.

Righty Steve Stone

and lefty Geoff Zahn

But, just like the '73 set, the position player drawings are all right handed.

Shame on you Topps.....again!

There were only two left handed Cubs position players, and I fixed them both.

Here is your left-handed Pete LaCock

and Rick Monday. 1976 was the year that Monday saved an American flag from being burned at Dodger Stadium.

Let's give him some respect and give him have an accurate card.

There, now I feel better.....again!!

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