Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It late, the Cubs lost, and I'm cranky

Here is the highlight of the day

My Sean got an autograph from the Cubs' Sean, Sean Marshall.

After that, John Grabow gives up a game winning homer to Chipper in the 8th and we spend an hour in the parking lot after game sitting still going nowhere.

I'll have more later after a good nights sleep.


  1. be a little grateful... if the 1st base ump hadn't blown that double play call, the cubs would've been shutout... at least you have that...

  2. Hooray for Sean!

    Sorry about the rest.

  3. Sounds like you had fun, other than the parking. The wife and I are driving from Grand Rapids down to Cincinnati for the game Saturday. Hopefully the Cubs have a win or two by then.

  4. We went to two games in Cincy in September, 2007, when the Cubs were just about to clinch the division. It was about 75% Cubs fans and the Reds fans were not too happy about that! Have fun!