Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fixing Some Errors in Topps 1973, Showing Some Lefty Love

I was looking through my Topps 1973 set and had a "Duh" moment.

The cards all have a silhouetted player for the featured player's position. I guess I never paid too much attention to them. So yesterday I noticed something that I had missed for 37 years.

The silhouette of the pitchers are either left or right handed, to match the player on the card. Duh!!

Here is righty Bill Bonham's card, with a right-handed silhouetted player.

Now look at lefty Larry Gura and notice that the silhouetted player is a lefty.

The color of the circle changed too. All the righties have a red circle, while the lefties' circle is blue. I don't know how I missed that over all these years, but, I did!

I'm left-handed (any other lefties out there??), so maybe I'm a little too sensitive about this, but....

...the silhouettes on all the position players' cards are right handed. Even if the player was a lefty, the silhouette is a righty.

Well, that is just plain wrong!

There were three left-handed position players among the Cubs in the set, so of course I had to fix their cards. Allow me to show some love to the left-handed position players,

Billy Williams, after all, he is in the Hall of Fame, shouldn't his card be accurate.

Rick Monday, shown batting left handed, so we might as well have the lefty outfielder to match.

Joe Pepitone, another lefty batter, now with a lefty first baseman.

There, I feel better!


  1. Monday and Pepitone had some serious sideburns going on there

  2. Lefty pride! Too bad we don't have the platoon advantage in baseball blogging...

  3. Is the 76 set like that too? The lefty/righty thing?

  4. Yep, '76 did the same thing, and I'll be fixing those in a couple days!

  5. As a lefty, I was instantly aware that the '76 cards switched the profile depending on whether the pitcher was a lefty or righty. I'm surprised that you didn't notice it as a fellow lefty.