Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Look What Topps is Giving Me

I don't buy too much wax anymore, but I was at Walmart yesterday and couldn't pass the card aisle without grabbing a pack. well, OK, two packs.

The first pack included a million card giveaway code. This is the second code I've gotten. My first card was a 1987 Tony Gwynn. While it is nice to get a hall of fame player, Topps 87 is probably the most-produced (or over-produced) set. I wasn't planning on redeeming it.

But look what I got today.

I got a Cub! And a player from the 1969 Cubs too!

So, have any of you gotten your cards from Topps? What shape are they in, especially if they are older cards? Is it worth the shipping to get the card?

This is what the Hickman in my collection looks like. Its a pretty nice card. But I guess its worth taking a shot with Topps to get the giveaway card. We shall see.


  1. I started a blog recently called The Ultimate Baseball Card Set, where I try to collect all of the Topps cards from a given year and then find any players from other sets that aren't in the Topps sets. I am trying to connect to other collectors so I can hopefully fill in the blanks with regional sets if possible.

    I made a checklist today for the 1981 Chicago Cubs today, and added a link to this blog.

  2. Oh the link to my blog is here...

  3. I've gotten 3 of my cards -- from 1960, 68 and 72. They were in decent shape for the time period. Here is the link to my post on it if you want:


  4. I haven't requested my cards yet but I've redeemed about 20 MCG cards and about half I would call vintage 1980 or later, I know 1980 is pushing "vintage". The oldest I've gotten is a 62 Hoak and a 64 Segui, with a few 73's and 79's in there. Not terrible not great. Lots of 87's though.