Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Greetings From Atlanta!

Welcome to Wrigley Wax on the Road.

We were looking for somewhere to go for Easter Break. Mrs. WW has had a really hectic past few months at work and wanted to go away for the week. I suggested we head to Atlanta.

By some very strange coincidence, the Cubs are also in Atlanta.

I'll be sitting here (the white circle is the general location of our seats; the dugout is the Cubs) at the game tonight with WW Jr. and Mrs. WW.

Atlanta is about an eleven hour drive from home. We left after dinner on Easter and made it to Lexington. The next morning we spent a couple hours at Fort Boonesboro, and now we know all about Daniel Boone. The rest of the day we were in the car finishing up the drive to Atlanta.

At breakfast in the hotel yesterday, we saw a man with a Cubs t-shirt and started talking. He was at the disaster on opening day. We told him we hope to have better luck at our game. We took WW Jr. to the Tellus Science Museum and spent some time at the pool. The odd thing was we had a hard time finding a hotel with an open pool. Most of the hotel pools here were outdoors and not opened until Memorial Day. We thought we were heading to the south for warm weather and swimming. Heck, our neighbors in Michigan were getting their pool ready last weekend. What's wrong with everyone down here in Atlanta?

Today we'll spend most of the day downtown. We plan to hit the World of Coke and tour CNN before the game.

Altanta is the sixth different city I've seen the Cubs in (besides Chicago). Also on my list are:

Cincinnati, at both Riverfront and Great American Ballpark

It's always fun to visit another ballpark. And usually, there are plenty of other Cubs fans at the park to keep me company. I always get a kick out the reaction of the home fans when a big roar goes up when the Cubs do something. Atlanta is the farthest away from Wrigley I've been, so I wonder how many Cubs fans will be at the game.

I'll be taking plenty of pictures at the game and I'll have them up tomorrow. And hopefully the results will be more to my liking that Opening Day.

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