Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blog Bat Around: I'm Going Shopping

So the challenge is to spent $50,000 in fifteen minutes.

Here's how I would do it:

I've got three objectives: Replacing reprints of older cards with the originals, adding more Cubs team sets, and then going for some Topps complete sets.

The very first card I would get is my white whale, Topps 1954 Ernie Banks, his rookie card. I just haven't gotten the nerve to spend so much for one card...until now. This is more than I would ever spend with my own money, but with free money, its a PSA 9 for $2925.00.

Next, I play a little loose with the rules and leave ebay to head to this page at Teamsets4u. He's got 1,634 different Cubs team sets. I already have several of them, but I don't have time to pick and choose. I'm just sending him an email that says, "One of each of the Cubs sets please," for a total cost of $9,373.00.

Then its back to ebay. My 1952 Topps Cubs are reprints and I'd like to get the real things. Because of the 15 minute time limit, I'm just going to grab the nine Cubs in the set that are high numbers. They will run $2,981.00.

So far, I've spent "only" $15,279.00.. The rest of the time and the money will be used to add to my Topps complete set collection, starting with 1968, and working backwards. This will take care of the rest of the money pretty quickly:


If I can click fast enough, then by the time I get the 1958 set I'll have spent $49,389.00.

Well that was fun! Now if I could just convince Mrs. Wrigley Wax to let me trade in a chunk of the retirement fund for some cardboard so I can do this for real. "It's an investment, honey, and the cards will keep their value, really." Think she'd buy that??

Thank you to SCU for bringing back the Blog Bat Around.


  1. Very nice... I didn't think about TeamSets4U...

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  3. Interesting to read this in late 2014; a PSA 9 Banks rookie card went for $44,000 this year...