Monday, March 19, 2012

1991 Star Stellar Sandberg

I was able to knock another Star set off of my checklist, the 1991 Star Stellar Ryne Sandberg set. I wasn't able to work any deals with the '91 Stellar like I did with the '92 set; instead I had to fork over some cash.

I'm not sure if I overpaid for the set, but since this is the first one I've seen in two years, I didn't want to lose it. Same goes for the last two sets from Star I need, 1992 Millennium and Platinum. If I ever see either of those, price won't matter as much. Does anyone else get to the same point, that when a white whale finally shows up, the budget gets expanded...or totally blown up?

The 1991 Stellar sets came in a plastic case with a sticker on it. Not exactly high-tech stuff, since its only the case and not the cards that get numbered. As usual for Star, there are nine different cards. One thing I have to say for Star is that they didn't reuse photos very often. I'll bet that out of the 155 Sandberg Star cards I've got, only three or four were repeats. Topps could learn a lesson from Star.

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  1. I've been "overpaying" quite a bit lately to land those 80's/90's cards I still need. When a 92 Stellar set shows up again, I'll do what I can not to lose it.