Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Triple Play 1993

1993 was Year 2 for Triple Play. The set size remained the same; 264 cards. The Awesome Action subset also remained and another was added, Little Hotshots. These cards showed the players as kids, reminiscent of the 1970s Topps Boyhood Photos of the Stars.

While the base set size was the same, the number of Cubs dropped by three, down to ten. The early 90s Cubs were not very good and had little star power, so it was not a shock to see fewer of my boys in blue.

This is probably the favorite; young Mark Grace, circa 1973. Notice that he's holding an aluminum bat. They were just coming out at that time. I'm a couple years older than Grace, and in all my time in Little League, wooden bats were the only ones we used.

Here's an odd one...no names on the card, just "New Cubs." That's Dan Plesac on the left and Randy Myers on the right, both added to bolster the bullpen

Steve Bueschel is looking up to grab a popup, but he didn't put his glasses down.

Dunston and Ryno are sporting the flip-down glasses, too.

...and the rest.

Tomorrow, a third and final look at Triple Play.

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  1. Maybe they have Mark holding the bat because he won one. He has that trophy, so apparently his team (maybe an All Star team?) won a tournament. Maybe he was MVP? Too bad you can't do your investigative reporting on this one. Great card though.