Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Triple Play 1994

I suppose if you call a set Triple Play, then its ok to just have three years worth of cards. The 1994 set was the third and final Triple Play set. Originally designed for the budget collectors, aka kids; the 1994 set seems to be getting away from that. The cards now feature a borderless design and are glossy too. The set size was upped a bit too, from 264 to 300.

As in 1993, the number of Cubs in the set was only ten. In fact, each team had only ten players (280 cards) and then there were 17 rookies and a couple checklists. The Cubs got shut out of the rookie list.

With dirt flying, Sandberg is making a play on some unknown Expo.

Sammy's chugging around the bases.

Rick Wilkins takes a home run trot.

....and the rest.

Tomorrow I'll take a look at some mistakes I found in the Triple Play set.


  1. IMO this was the best year of Triple Play.

  2. I always liked the 93 set with the black borders. For some reason, these don't "chip" as easily as some of the other black bordered sets out there.

  3. I really like both this and the '98 Triple Plays sets. They struck me baseball-card-sized posters, which certainly isn't a bad thing.

    That just got me to thinking, Topps could do a lot worse than making a set that looks like the Sports Illustrated '70s-era sports posters.