Thursday, March 29, 2012

Heritage 2012...A Look at the Back

Yesterday I compared the front of the Heritage cards with the '63s. Today we'll flip the cards over and look at the back.

Here is an original back. You can see the "error" on Ernie Banks card that Topps mimicked with the short print Carlos Pena card. I still contend that it really wasn't an error; the heading is accurate since that is a listing of Ernie's major and minor league career. It's just that he didn't play any minor league games, as Topps points out with the cartoon.

One thing to keep in mind is that card backs from the vintage era were a valuable source of information. They were the best place to get stats from a player's career. We didn't have to get our information, we had the back of a baseball card. As a kid, I didn't keep my collection arranged by years or teams. Instead, mine were in alphabetical order. That way, if I wanted to look up a players stats, I would go to my shoe boxes.

Heritage did a nice job of copying the backs of the '63s. I especially like what they did with the cartoons. For me, nothing beats a cheesy cartoon on the back of a card. I picked out a few of my favorites from the Cubs set.

Ryan Dempster is #2; #1 is another Cub, Fergie Jenkins

My guy Darwin Barney, the multi-hit machine.

Starlin Castro had a nice hot streak.

Blake DeWitt is the new Pat Tabler.

The strikeouts are nice, but what percentage of his innings included a walk, too? Way too many!

Ten homers in April and only 17 in the other five months of the season.

Kerry's career peaked a bit earlier than we would have liked.

Finally, there was an error on one of the card backs and I haven't seen any discussion on it anywhere. Read the paragraph and spot the mistake....

....Topps changed the team name on the top, but oops, forgot to edit the paragraph. Will they correct the error with a super short print worth hundreds of dollars?

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