Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cubs and Cardinal Fans Do Get Along!

It's one of the biggest rivalries in baseball, but Cub fans and Cardinal fans can get along.

Kevin McCann has one of the newer blogs, St. Louis Cardinal Cards, and I bet you can probably figure what he collects! But in addition to his team collection, he is putting together some complete sets. One set he's working on is 1974 Topps. Well, I have a ton of doubles from that set, so I looked over his want list and found 64 cards he needed. I let him know what I had and soon a box sent his way.

He had a nice post and then sent some Cubbies my way.

This was the highlight for me, 1982 sticker of one of my all time favorite Cubs, Bill Buckner. Topps put out a 260 player sticker set, but this isn't one of those. Instead, it is one of 48 that Topps inserted into regular wax packs to promote the sticker set. There was another Cub in the insert set and a total of eight in the full sticker set. I think I'm going to add the sticker sets to my wish list.

Here are the other cards Kevin sent.

Isn't it heartwarming to see Cub and Cardinal fans being nice to each other. Now lets all join hands and sing..


  1. It is great to hear two fans of rival teams getting along. Too bad I could never get along with a giants fan. I have too much anger towards them to be civil.

  2. It must mean the world is coming to an end! But seriously, thank you again for the trade. I'm glad the Buckner sticker was one you needed. I know I owe you more cards for the number you sent me. I'll keep going through my cards for more Cubs cards to send your way.