Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pat and Green

Got to do a St. Patrick's Day theme today. Isn't that what every good German Lutheran would do today?

I don't have any cards with a Cubs player named "Patrick" though I've got five named "Pat." They will have to do. I don't know if its a coincidence or not, but none of the Pats were any good for the Cubs.

Pat Moran...this is a reprint of the original Turkey Red set from 1910-1911. He was a backup catcher with the Cubs for four season.

Pat Bourque...a '73 Topps rookie card, he was a semi-regular for the 1973 Cubs, hit only .209, and ended up teammates with his neighbor Gonzalo Marquez on the A's via a late-August trade.

Pat Tabler...Mr. Bases Loaded (43 for 88 (.489) with 108 RBI), spent a year and a half with the Cubs and hit a robust (actually just plain bust) .210.

Pat Perry...the 1989 media guide says the the 1989 season was the 8th in his 11 year career that Perry spent time with at least two different teams. Mobility is not exactly what a player wants to be known for.

Pat Cline...when you are on Bowman cards as a prospect for four years in a row, you're not making the progress you should be. Cline never made it to the majors.

Let's finish today with some good, old Irish green,

Willie Greene. OK, so maybe he isn't Irish.

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