Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Opening Day Cubs

While I wait for Heritage to arrive, I have the chance to show the Opening Day Cubs, all three of them. This is the 15th year that Topps has put out an Opening Day set, and you have to go back to 2001 to find such a short Cubs checklist. Last year there were ten Cubs, so the drop to only three really hammers home the point that the Cubs are in a rebuilding year.

All three Cubs have cards that are identical to their series one base card.

I've really grown to like Opening Day because of its low-frills features. The cards lack the fancy foil printing, which means you can actually read the names.

Compare the Flagship Castro on the left with the Opening Day on the right and you can see what I mean. When I make custom cards, I'll use Opening Day as the template.

There were a couple insert sets that also included a Cub on the checklist

Geovany Soto is celebrating a pinch hit walk-off homer he hit in the bottom of the 13th against the Giants on June 30....though I think its a stretch to give him the "Superstar" designation.

Starlin Castro made the fantasy squad. According to the back of his card,

he is only the second shortstop in history to hit .300 in each of the first two years of his career. The other is...

...hall of famer Arky Vaughan. Arky so impressed the Topps writers that they

misspelled his last name....unless I'm sitting on a super rare shortprinted error card!

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  1. The 2012 Opening day cards looks so much better than the regular issue. I love the fact you can actually read the players names there. For a business/hobby that seems to be more geared toward adults than kids (as it was in the old days) you would think the card manufacturers would make it easier to read the darn player names not harder. I find that cards that are easier to read are more enjoyable than those you can't. AS I get older this becomes more and more important.