Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Night Owl Delivers

Night Owl is putting together a 1975 mini set and I had an extra that I sent his way. A package of Cubs came my way.

Greg earns some bonus points for using the blue painters tape!

Here's the nine Cubs, to be shared by WW Jr. and me.

A couple highlights...

Welington Castillo, better known as Beef, on a Triple A All Star card. Beef is in the hunt for the backup catcher position.

This is a mini OPC card Upper Deck 2009. Though I was collecting again in 2009, I didn't go after any of the regular size or mini OPC inserts.....until now. There were three Cubs in the set, so that means hunting only five more cards between the regular and minis.

Thanks Greg for the cards, and a new set to grab.

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