Friday, March 23, 2012

Trading with Tribe Fan Tim

In January I got an email for a reader and Indians fan named Tim. He was looking to trade for some Indians cards and I was happy to oblige. I packed up a box of Indians and sent them off to Ohio.

Last week I received an envelope full of Cubs in return. Many of the cards are already in my collection, so they will be added to WW Jr's. But there were a few that I had never seen before.

These are from Classic Baseball, 1991. This was a brand/set that I had never heard of. Apparently, from 1987 - 1993, these were put out as part of a baseball trivia game. This was the era of Trivial Pursuit (That's not Moops you jerk, its Moors), and there seemed to be trivia games for any particular topic.

Take a look at the questions on the cards. Do they seem very difficult? I thought they were kind of easy.

This is the third trade package that I've received this year and with each one, there have been some cards that are totally new to me. They've given me some new sets to chase and I appreciate that. Expect to see a bunch more of these cards from Classic in a few weeks!


  1. I worked in a toy store around then and we sold the Classics Four Sport "game" cards. At the time I considered it more a game thing than a real set of cards to chase. I thought there were just whatever cards were in the game "sets" but now years later I think they were just like any other trading cards. (Randomly inserted into their plastic packages)I see more of these with Hockey cards than any other sport, next was football with College players. I think "Classics" also made some of the oddball sports that are outside of the "big 4". For some reason though I seem to think (or used to think) they mostly clumped all sports together into one big game set.

  2. I think these were at Toys R Us stores. For the hundreds of cards that you have posted on this blog that I haven't seen, I personally find it amazing that I have seen Classic cards before but you have not. Funny world, huh?