Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2012 Heritage Extras

Last year the Cubs were shut out of the Clubhouse Collection. This year, Topps has put 2½ Cubs on the checklist. I'll start with the ½ Cub.

Aramis Ramierz only counts as half a Cub. He's a Cubs in the Clubhouse Collection but...

...a Brewer on the base card. My guess is that Topps didn't have enough time to change the relic cards. They probably have a longer lead time. Plus, there aren't any game used Ramirez Brewer jerseys yet.

Stalin Castro has both a bat and jersey card. And the jersey has game used dirt, too!

Matt Garza has the third relic.

One Cub was on the gimmick list...

Starlin Casto got the image flip. As I said in a earlier post, I think the big black and white picture makes the card look nasty.

Casto was also included in the sticker checklist. Right now, he seems to be the only Cub that Topps is interested in.

Here is the Ernie Banks Flashback card. In this post here, I pointed out the stupidity of putting a picture from 1969 taken at a ballpark that didn't exist in 1963, the year that is the basis for this year's Heritage. The card talks about the three homers Banks hit off the Dodgers, including one off of Sandy Koufax. It doesn't say anything about how the homers didn't matter since the Cubs lost the game 11-8.

Tomorrow I'll put the Heritage cards along side the original '63 cards.


  1. What do you mean, there are no Aramis Brewers jerseys yet. There's one right there on his card. ;) Cards lie? Fib?

  2. Topps would never try to deceive us!